Evanescent Love

At the end of the rains there is a fire.
Engulfing the lush blades of green,
once heavy with an unwanted desire.
As if rusted,
now brown,
the sun still blaring.
In this drought,
longing for the rains of tomorrow
Comes an ill-fitted cure.
Sporadic rain as if a tease
Bring what should be drops of life
Yet no, with each shower
more pain is to follow
Watch the the grass burn under the rays of the sun.



There's an empty feeling when your on the edge of tears. When it's not hysteria it's almost comforting. You cant figure out why you're crying or even when your going to stop. Just drops in the corner of your eyes. Just waiting for that moment of weakness, when you cant hold them back. This is the breaking point that either leads to an irrational meltdown or when the mind stabilizes again. At this moment there's a numbness, a reflection over everything. You can watch others love and die around you. But the the question is, did this phase you? Are you going to cry over lost a love or a dead child? Will you remember when she beat you down with words of incompetence? Count to three, take a breath, tell him you love him, cry.


Spinning. A spiraling downfall. Caring, thinking, crying. Raindrops fall, whisper words.Thoughts. Cold stings down my arms. shiver, shake, cry. Repeat. The trees, the leaves, the air. The hard plastic of reality. Everywhere, every screen play.They kiss.Disappear. Lie. A need, necessity, drug. Falling off the cycle. I wish.