Rushed thoughts

Water filled lungs. Breathe in, gasp for air. Choke, the air is gone. Too much, too fast. Break down, Scream. Tear filled eyes. Spill over. Red faced, Lights go out. Red, green, yellow. Stop. Collide. Collision. Dead. Dripping through veins This pain, this pleasure .Fast. Speed. Hover. Thoughts to feel weak. Given in. game over. A flame, a flicker. A touch, a burn. Blown out, now gone. I’ve learned my lesson. No more games to play. The prize rewarded. empty arms. broken hands. defeat at its finest. head. hurt. heart. pounding. a walls name to call my own. bruises. blood. beat. the rhythm to my thoughts.


  1. so as much as you say this is just a blurb..meh gusta..i actually spent a week or two playing around with the period idea..liked how it gave a poem a heighten level of immediacy.comes out a bit more visceral